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Bay County Softball Little League

Player Agreement & Code of Conduct

Essexville-Hampton Little League and Bay County Softball Little League (E-HLL & BCSLL) has established this document to set a high level of excellence for all its players. It has been our experience that the vast majority of our players consistently exhibit excellent behavior & sportsmanship. Nonetheless, by registering my child(ren) for E-HLL & BCSLL,

As a player, I agree and will:

· Practice good sportsmanship at all times, win with character, lose with dignity and never quit
· Make every practice & game (unless discussed with my coach), understanding my team depends on me
· Learn from losing as well as from winning
· Wear my COMPLETE uniform with pride, understanding I will not play if my uniform is incomplete P Maintain my cool when I or a
  teammate make a mistake
· Never throw a bat, helmet or equipment in anger and will follow team and league safety rules
· Hustle on and off the field
· Learn, understand and follow the Little League, E-HLL & BCSLL rules of the game
· Show respect for the coaches, umpires, volunteers and spectators before, during and after games/practice
· Develop and exercise self-control, refraining from foul-language and negative behavior
· Respect myself, teammates, my opponents, as well as personal & league property
· Listen and learn from my manager, coach and teammates
· Develop a sharing attitude, be a kind and caring person and lend a helping hand when asked
· Take responsibility for myself and my actions
· Cheer on and support my teammates
· Always be positive, have fun and do my best at practices and games

General Information

· No food, candy, soda are allowed in the dugouts at any time
· Dugout Rules: ask permission to leave, cleanup after games, exercise safety and respect of other's property
· Players are not allowed in the stands during their game and parents are not allowed in the dugouts
· Zero Tolerance Policy for use of profane language or gestures, violence, and threats from players or adults

Violation of the code of conduct may result in one or several of the following depending on the severity:

· Suspension of one or more games or expulsion for the remainder of the season without refund
· Players will be removed from all consideration for the All Star teams
· Players and/or parents could be denied access to the E-HLL & BCSLL practices, games or tournament fields and facilities
· A family could be removed from the E-HLL & BCSLL organization

The President of E-HLL & BCSLL or the Board of Directors may take disciplinary action against any participant in the league, including players, coaches, parents, umpires, league officials, and spectators, whose conduct is detrimental to the operation and purpose of E-HLL & BCSLL. The code applies to all E-HLL & BCSLL activities. While this Code of Conduct enumerates certain conduct that would result in automatic disciplinary action, it is not exhaustive and other conduct not specifically identified in this Code of Conduct could also result in disciplinary action.

Bay County Softball Little League

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